What is good4us?

In this webshop we offer products that should attrack people because these products are ´good for us´ . That term will be the leading principle and creates a wide range of possible goods that fit into that, and all of them should be: sustainable, ecological and/or even organic where possible.


That also means, that products like cosmetics and food, will not have any of the industrial additions for colour adjustments, preservative or ´protectiv´ supplements. For instance : our cosmetic products

will be paraben free. Anything added, of which we know today that they could be no good for us, will be banned.


For our clothing, we have deliberately chosen not to go for collections that many times per year will change. We have the basic models and colours and no texts of pictures on it. The choise will be for men or woman in sizes and models and that´s it.


In the near future we will expand our offerings with new items that will fit in our principle as described above.